Rockaway is the biggest cinema desert in all of New York City with 120,000 residents and no movie theater. Like the peninsula itself, Rockaway Film Festival represents a broad spectrum of images and stories, and aims to satiate all members of our diverse community. We are here to nurture movie lovers with bold new releases and forgotten masterpieces, mainstream staples and esoteric treasures, joining international and local cinema, and illuminating everything in between. More than anything else, Rockaway Film Festival works to provide good cinema at affordable rates to the community.

The festival was founded in 2018 by Sam Fleischner, Courtney Muller, and Greg Stewart.

SAM FLEISCHNER - Artistic Director, Founder
COURTNEY MULLER - Director, Co-founder
JORGE MORILLO - Technical Director
ELLIE BURCK - Communications Director
ESTELLA DIECI - Website Manager